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A Patient God

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There are one or two lessons that we need to learn from Gideon’s experience. First, God is very patient with His people. He was so patient with Gideon here, and He was just as patient with Moses as he made his objections to being pressed into leading the people of Israel from the slavery of Egypt (Ex 3-4).

We all have to acknowledge that He has dealt kindly with us too, amidst all our doubts and fears. Here he responded to Gideon so generously, that on the first night that he laid out his fleece on the threshing floor it was so saturated with dew that he was able to wring a full bowlful of water from it in the morning. Divine guidance was unmistakable! And yet Gideon wanted further confirmation. On the second morning, ‘there was dew on all the ground’ while the fleece was bone-dry (v40).

Again, God’s intentions could not be misunderstood, and happily there was now an immediate response from Gideon, for he ‘rose up early’ to do God’s will (Chp 7v1). Let us be less demanding than Gideon was, willingly taking God’s Word at face value, and happily complying with its commands.

Sunday, 23 June, 2024

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