8 Kingdom Parables
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8 Kingdom Parables

Craig Munro
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This book considers the Kingdom Parables told by the Lord Jesus which are collated in one...
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This book considers the Kingdom Parables told by the Lord Jesus which are collated in one chapter – Matthew 13. This chapter has interested readers of Scripture down through the centuries. Eight short, memorable parables are all clustered together and are often referred to as ‘the parables of the Kingdom’. 

The purpose of this little book is to encourage the reader to think a little bit more deeply on a familiar section of scripture. As we study God’s Word, we find treasure for our souls. The parables exalt the person of Christ and are the key to understanding the key Kingdom themes of our Bible.

The truth of the Kingdom should be of interest to us all, as subjects of the King. We are sons of the Kingdom and a sense of our calling and privilege should grip our souls. The subject of the Kingdom is a vast one, and some explanation of it is required. The introductory chapters of this book deal with the Kingdom of God in its initial and final fulfilment. These chapters also consider the meaning of the Kingdom in the present age, and why the Lord called these parables the ‘mysteries of the Kingdom’. The eight parables are then taken up in consecutive chapters. The three appendices give seven features of the changes in the Millennial Kingdom, seven reasons why the Church will not go through the Tribulation and also explain the subtle difference between the expression the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and the ‘Kingdom of God’.


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