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Category: Prophecy
Malcolm Davis

Anticipating the End Times

This book is a concise and readable commentary on the Old Testament Book of Daniel. Daniel himself was a young Jewish captive who became a prominent statesman in the administrations of most of the Babylonian emperors, and the early Persian emperors too. He lived in momentous times of world empires, and also prophesied a great deal about the end times of world history. There are many current indications that we today are approaching the end times of which he wrote. This means that the Book of Daniel is very relevant to us, and therefore we need to understand its contents and message urgently. Also, Daniel is a good example to Christians today of how a faithful believer should live for God in a troubled world. His autobiography is his spiritual legacy to us, which we would do well to study carefully and give heed to at this time.

The Climax of World History

This book helps to answer the question which everybody is asking, "Whatever is the world coming to?" The new millennium has not brought the global peace and prosperity hoped for, but instead prolonged wars, disasters, and increasing fear about the future. Only the final book in the Bible contains the full answer to the question. This concise study of The Revelation of Jesus Christexplains the main message of this enthralling, but awesome prophecy, that Jesus Christ will be the central Person in the imminent climax of world history.

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