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Donald Cameron

The whole world is moving towards a great crisis. Millions of earth's inhabitants live in fear. Devastating earthquakes, pandemic diseases, the demise of democracies, global terrorism, the Middle East conflict, all prompt the question, "Where will it all end?" The Bible alone tells us the truth about man's destiny, and lays out God's plan and purposes for the end of time. And, puzzling for many, His plan is tied up with the destiny of the people of the Jewish nation, Israel, which is being restored before our very eyes!

Apocalypse means unveiling. The Apocalypse refers to God's Unveiling, as contained in Revelation, the final book of the Bible. It foretells future happenings, some glorious, some horrendous. Other books of the Bible contain important apocalyptic sections, such as Jesus' own lenghty Olivet Discourse. These add much to our knowledge, but Revelation supplements them and puts all into perspective.

This book is the result of fifty-seven years of Biblical research undertaken by the analytical and concentrated mind of a man deeply committed to the Word of God and the God of the Word. It unlocks the prophetic Scriptures, which have so long been obscured, and even denied, through blind Anti-Semitic prejudice and use of inconsistent hermeneutic. Doctor Cameron has untangled the many differing and confusing views, which have sadly deterred many from studying the 'end times' as revealed to us in Holy Scripture. This gifted writer clears much of the fog of confusion caused by conflicting and mistaken, through sometimes sincerely held views. His closely reasoned and detailed treatment of schools with differing claims is outstanding and most helpful. His assertion that Israel is the key to a correct understanding is ably set forth.

As an Educational Officer, Donald Cameron commanded the Army's Russian Language Wing and was British Liaison Officer to the Soviet Military Liaison Mission in West Germany. He has been a leadership training consultant, and has himself been in leadership in several churches.

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