Born In A Golden Age

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Category: Biography
Alastair Noble

Part autobiography and part social analysis, this book deals with a number of important issues facing Christians today. Its author has wide experience both in the Scottish educational service and also in Christian ministry and leadership across the UK. Reflecting on his life in the post-war "golden age" in Britain, Dr Noble explores the origins and influence of the Christian Brethren of which he has been a life-long member. he also deals with some of the challenges in maintaining a credible Christian witness in an increasingly secular society. As a scientist, the author considers at some length the controversial position of Intelligent Design, arguing that the scientific evidence for design in Nature substantially contradicts the all-pervasive Darwinian worldview and challenges the insidious indoctrination of young people in a wholly naturalistic philosophy of life. The book concludes with a convincing case for why the author, now in his early 70s is still a Christian.

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