Bringing Us To Glory

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David Gooding

Our lives are a mix of difficulties, laughter and delight, of satisfying moments, seemingly hopeless situations and unanswerable questions. Nature’s beauty inspires our wonder today, but its power may break our bodies tomorrow. What will steady our faith in God, and help it to grow, when life is like that?

Far from wanting us to live in a make-believe world, the call of God’s word is to see the reality of what God is doing in the lives of millions of people. Scripture tells us that, right now, he is working out his long-term plan for bringing many sons and daughters to full maturity in his Son, Jesus Christ. The more we understand the revelation of his plan, and the character of the one who has decided to bring us on a journey through this world of brokenness and beauty, the more we will be drawn to follow him in obedience, love and trust.

These 365 one-page readings focus on Christ’s work as the captain of our salvation, on the way he journeys with his redeemed, and finally on the wisdom and love of the Father who planned it all.

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