Chief Men among the Brethren: 100 Biographies

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Henry Pickering

“Numerous lives of well-known Christians who have done yeoman service for the Master being in print, it was thought wise to attempt a few brief records of chief men in what has become known as the Brethren Movement. The scriptural phrase ‘chief men among the brethren’ (Acts 15:22) seemed so appropriate that we have ventured to use it without in any way claiming it as a party or exclusive title. It indicated brethren known and beloved in the first century who sought to be guided by the Scriptures; it may rightly indicate the leaders in a movement in the 19th and 20th centuries.” From the forward by Henry Pickering Read about such names as: Sir Robert Anderson, J.G. Bellett, Dan Crawford, John Nelson Darby, James G. Deck, F. W. Grant, Anthony Norris Groves, William Kelly, John G. McVicker, George Muller, Henry Moorhouse, Thomas Newberry, John Ritchie, Donald Ross, Henry W. Soltau, George V. Wigram. and many more

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