Collected Writings of E.W. Rogers - Volume 1

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E W Rogers

A great book for those interested in biblical study from the pen of E.W. Rogers.This is the first volume in a new series of collected writings that have been taken from sermons preached and articles written over the lifetime of this great preacher. Subjects include:

The Atonement

Victory and Defeat

The Man of God out of Judah Naboth’s Vineyard

After All This



Peace and Salvation

Jottings on the Book of Ezra Questions on the Book of Job

On Belief in God

The Upper Room Discourse

The Person of Christ

The Person of Christ - His Dual Nature The Humanity of the Lord Jesus Redemption


Our Lord and His Bible

The Resurrection of Christ

Ebenezer W Rogers was borni n 1893. He was known to his generation, and still remembered by many as a gifted preacher and Bible expositor.

He worked for thirty years in the city of London and rose to become head of The Patent Office. As work duties permitted during this time, he was active throughout the British Isles, teaching the Word of God.

Mr Rogers travelled far and wide for Bible teaching in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Europe. He visited India on a number of occasions with his good friend Mr J. M. Davies. He had a particular gift for leading conversational Bible readings, which he conducted in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, Ayr and Largs, Scotland, and annually in London.

After a busy and useful life, he passed into the presence of the Lord in 1977.

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