Controlled Chaos – Surgical Adventures in Chitokoloki Mission Hospital

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David Galloway
Jenni Galloway

Chitokoloki Mission Hospital is a remote but remarkable facility in the North-Western Province of Zambia. This book comes from a compilation of daily reports about life in a remote African mission hospital. It is written from a personal and clinical angle, and with a surgical emphasis, because that formed the bulk of the activity that has been recorded. The detailed experiences of many patients have been captured, and the author conveys the almost unbelievable reality that their experience refl ects. Initially the reports formed a fl owing clinical news blog, and they have been assembled in book form to include the Christian context as well as insights into the reality of daily life in the local villages. Again and again, these stories have been the focus of discussion and enquiry, and it has been good to share the experiences to the point that others who become aware are ready to pray, support, give, and even visit, in order to contribute in some way to the work of the mission.

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