Daniel - Pocket Commentary Series

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The fourth in this series offering short outlines on the various books of the Bible at affordable prices.

In keeping with the objective of the author, Jack Hay, to make a complicated prophecy like Daniel accessible to young believers and those new to the Christian faith, this book instructs, challenges and  at the same time whets the appetite to dig deeper into the text of the prophecy. The obvious division of the book is outlined as chapters 1-6 being more historical and biographical while chapters 7-12 are largely prophetic. At the same time very practical and up to date lessons are drawn from the upheaval in Daniel and his fellow Jewish princes being transported into captivity in Babylon. Challenges to their learning, loyalty to God and His word and the character of their living are pointedly brought before us. The book also lays great stress on the necessity for both collective and personal prayer and the focus on prayer’s specific and persistent character.​

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