A Different Kind of Love Story

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Category: Women
Landra Young Hughes

"In a world of cute captions and photo filters, nothing is more refreshing than a girl who is brave enough to tell her story. Landra's honesty and vulnerability will draw you in and then challenge you to see yourself in a new way--through the eyes of your Creator."--Holly Furtick, cofounder of Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC, and author of Building Friendships that Fit and Becoming Mrs. Betterhalf If you've ever struggled with your identity, Landra Young Hughes has a radically simple message for you: give up. Specifically, give up your need to be in control of how other people see you. Instead, let God's words--not yours and not others'--define you. Through her own deeply personal story of trying to control her circumstances and others' perceptions of her through an eating disorder, Landra points the way toward a life free from self-obsession and self-resentment. She shows you how to listen to God's voice, let go of the struggle for perfection, and live authentically from your deepest self. Because outside of a growing relationship with your heavenly Father, no other love (or lack of love) has the potential to improve or implode your life like the love that you have for yourself.  

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