Duncan Matheson: The Scottish Evangelist

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John MacPherson

This volume introduces the reader to the fervent Scottish evangelist, Duncan Matheson, who was born at Huntly, in Aberdeenshire in 1824.

As a man he was marked by straightfowardness and honesty. He hated dead orthodoxy and everything that was cowardly and crooked.

As a preacher he was marked by earnestness. His powerful voice was clear and trumpet-like and his eyes would glisten with tears as he pleaded with his hearers to repent of their sins and receive the Saviour of sinners.

Many people see everything in the world except the souls of the individuals, Duncan Matheson saw souls, and nothing but souls, for, like his Lord, he had grasped the value of one precious soul.

As he was dying Duncan Matheson said, “Reality is the great thing: I have always sought reality.” These were among his last words and that is how he lived to honour his Lord.

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