Considering Christianity
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Considering Christianity

Gareth Edwards
Considering Christianity is an excellent booklet for the purpose of evangelism.
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Considering Christianity is an excellent booklet for the purpose of evangelism. The author begins by considering the following relevant questions: 'Is there really a God out there?' In reply, he examines the evidence of creation, conscience and Christ.The second question is: 'What's wrong with the world?' the sub-headings are as follows: Diagnosing the Problem, Dissecting the Problem and Dealing with the Problem.

Thirdly, 'Who is Jesus Christ?' The author states that 'He existed eternally'; 'He was born miraculously'; 'He lived perfectly'; 'He loved supremely'; 'He died sacrificially'; 'He rose triumphantly'; and 'He waits patiently'.

The booklet then presents a consideration of 'What's the cross all about?' The next question addressed is: 'Is there life after death?' The final question is 'What makes someone a Christian?'

Gareth Edwards is an evangelist who lives in Perth, Scotland. His prayer is that this booklet may be used by God that the reader 'will come to see that Christianity offers credible answers to life's biggest questions and offers real hope for this life and beyond'.


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