Father Of Faith Missions

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Category: Biography
Robert Bernard Dann

Norris Groves was an English dentist who read his New Testament very carefully. He found promises and instructions given by Jesus, and wondered why no one seemed to have noticed them before. Perhaps churches and missions would achieve more if they adopted the methods of their Saviour and his earliest disciples. It was a theory he would put to the test... In 1829 Norris and his wife Mary sold their possessions, gave what they had to the poor and set off for the East, trusting simply in the care of their heavenly Father. They settled with their two boys in a house with a courtyard in the ancient Muslim capital of Baghdad. Here they spoke about faith, hope and love to anyone who would listen… until plague struck the city, followed by cholera, famine, floods and civil war! ... This is the account of a grand experiment in authentic Christianity, a story of faith, of hesitant faith, frustrated faith, courageous faith, faith that survived tears and finally won its reward - faith that inspired four generations of faith missions.

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