Following Christ In An Age Of Confusion

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Category: Christian Life
Craig & Hannah Munro

If you are a young person, you are at an exciting stage of

life, and God can do great things for you and through you.

However, living as a Christian in the Twenty-first Century will

take faith, conviction and courage.

Young people today face huge pressures. The era in which you

live is an age of confusion. You are living in turbulent times

politically, economically and socially. So many things are being

challenged and changed, even the laws of family, marriage,

and gender. Finding your way through this moral maze can be

perplexing. We need a chart and compass to navigate our way

through this complex age. Thankfully, God has given us the

light of Holy Scripture.

Many big issues which have been raised by young people

are addressed here. Young people have also contributed to

this book, sharing their own experiences and barriers they

have overcome. We pray that this book will be a source of

encouragement for you to go on in your walk with God, and

to live a happy, purposeful life.

Table of Contents

Role Models, First Steps of Progress, Why can’t I just be like my friends? Can I wear what I like? Identity, Gender and Self-Worth, Purity, Relationships 1: Friends and Parents, Relationships 2: Romance, Courtship and Marriage, Social Media, Internet and Entertainment, Mental Health and Lifestyle Choices, Work, University and Moving Away from Home, Restoration.

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