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Filled with games especially designed for the Giant Game Floor Mat, the CD-ROM Contains over 15 ready-to-use, reproducible games. Also included are number and point cards what can be used in a variety in games. Each game contains a PDF instruction sheet and game pieces.Some instructions include a sample Bible Story and additional games that can be played with game pieces. You are granted permission to copy the games on this CD ROM. Features include: reproducible games, number cards and point cards.

Children's CD-ROM Games:

  • Beat The Clock
  • Blast Off
  • Books Of The Bible Game
  • Bible Book Hop
  • Challenge
  • Christmas Concentration
  • Clear The Mat
  • Go For It
  • Map It Out
  • Miss The Boat
  • Respect The Word
  • Ten Commandments
  • The Worry Game
  • What's Your Order?
  • Words and Definitions
  • Number Cards
  • Point Cards

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