The Glory Of God

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Gary McBride

The sum total of all that God is and does, His character, His conduct, and His attributes, could be referred to as the “glory of God.” This is the great theme of the ages and ultimately stands as the reason for all that God does. It surpasses creation, revelation, and salvation as the highest motivation for the activities of the Godhead.

“Having contemplated the pages of this manuscript several times, I liken them to a large tapestry hanging from a museum wall. An initial viewing unveils unique portions that snatch the mind’s attention and stir the heart to ponder the manners in which the glory of God is revealed. Inherent in each chapter are captivating perspectives of the glory of God, which can be enjoyed in an isolated reading of the chapter. However, upon each rereading, new portions will be highlighted and God’s splendor magnified. The reader is given cause to step back and appreciate in some small measure the tapestry of God’s glory woven together by the threads of the Son’s glory. Every individual aspect of God is glorious, but a panoramic view of God’s character transitions one’s focus to the united glory of God as revealed both in His work and in His person.” ~David Reed, Foreword

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