God Glimpses from the Tool Box

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Category: Christian Gifts

Guys, what is in your toolboxes? Most of us have hammers and screwdrivers for repairs along with tools for demo work. And power tools and mdash;because nothing brings greater happiness than making messes and generating lots of noise. But did you know that fingerprints can be found in our toolboxes as well? We can uncover some amazing spiritual lessons tucked between our pliers and wrenches. Sometimes we act as if a million miles away when just the opposite is true. God glimpses are present in every aspect of our lives, we just have to look for them. Take a trip through the items in the toolbox with us and discover encouragement, inspiration, and a reminder that God is so close we can reach out and touch Him.  We do not know about you, but we want to be powered up and ready for God to use our lives. We want Him to build us into men of character. Join us as we look for God glimpses from the toolbox.

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