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Charles Stanley

This Charles Stanley perpetual calendar lends thoughtful inspiration for each day of the year.  "God desires to meet your needs. He is always seeking to develop a closer and more intimate relationship with you. He is molding and fashioning you into the person with whom He desires to spend all eternity."  With excerpts from his bestselling book, God's Way Day by Day, Charles Stanley reveals what it means to be in fellowship with a gentle Savior who walks closely with us day by day.  Great gift idea!



God's Way Day By Day

Charles F. Stanley


Sample copy:

March 3

...The world regards peace as being the by-product of doing the right deeds, saying the right words,

working in the right job, or having the right intentions.  These aren't at all the criteria for peace

described in God's Word.  Peace is an inner quality that flows out of a right relationship with God.

Size 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 1 1/2"

366 inspirational messages

Padded cover

Spiral binding

Easel stand

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