The Good, The Bad and Jesus Christ

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James McConnell

As an orphan, life was not easy for James McConnell. He also battled with fear for many years but soon ‘learnt to whistle’ as he would say. But it would be that fear that would lead him down a dark entry with two half-bricks in his hands. He would have to combat the fear and to defeat it completely to be the man of God that he was called to be.

Read how he went from having a congregation of ten to a 3,500 seater auditorium in the 80s before the term ‘mega-church’ was even born. And the week two souls became two great evangelists Sydney Murray (renowned Northern Ireland evangelist) and Bob (Robert) Gass (renowned international evangelist, and writer of UCB ‘Word for Today’). Read about Pastor McConnell’s fight with cancer and the church split. There’s also the ‘truth’ behind the Islam remarks and the impending jail sentence, the trashing of a children’s orphanage, to leaving a legacy of great pastors and works around the world. ‘Fear’ will become past-tense as you read ‘The Good, The Bad & Jesus Christ’ in Pastor McConnell’s own words.

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