The Gospel And Its Ministry

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Category: General RP Theology
Sir Robert Anderson


We have been given the Word of God in which God reveals His plan of salvation. This is what the martyrs calmly rested upon in the solitude of the dungeon. Faith, which makes the unseen a present reality, brought heaven to their hearts and, refusing to accept deliverance, they bravely faced death.

We may not be called upon to wear the crown of the martyr, but we are called to share the faith of the martyr. We must therefore have no toleration for the veiled skepticism which is passing for Christianity today.

The Gospel and Its Ministry is designed to confirm faith and is intended for all who are interested in the doctrine of the Gospel.

Relevant subjects such as Grace, The Cross, Faith, Election, Substitution, Sanctification, and Justification are considered in a way that will both encourage and challenge the reader.

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