Grace Bomb

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Category: Christian Life
Patrick Linnell

Grace Bomb is a fun, fresh, and exciting way to equip individuals and their churches to take Jesus more seriously by surprising their neighbors with small tastes of His grace. Jesus’ call to love our neighbors is a simple command that can be one of the hardest to practice in real life. In Grace Bomb, pastor Pat Linnell invites readers to look at their faith practices and join a movement driven by that call. Equipped with a new and interactive tool, heart-probing life stories, and insightful and contextualized biblical texts, each reader will have the opportunity to rediscover ancient truths that can unlock their God-intended purposes of truly being the light of the world. Readers will be challenged and inspired to put their love into action, but more importantly, they’ll learn to use that action to point the world toward the true source of kindness: Jesus. The church today is sitting on a powder keg of untapped divine potential. Consider Grace Bomb its match.

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