Great God of Heaven

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The book of Daniel is more than blazing furnaces, dens of lions, and bizarre monsters, so much more. It focuses on the sovereignty of a great God and is a dramatic unveiling of his long-term plans for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, with a number of graphic insights along the way on world history, past, present, and future.

  • Contents
  • Intro. The man behind the headlines 
  • 1 Nail your colours to the mast 
  • 2 A roadmap for the nations 
  • 3 King Neb’s three-line whip 
  • 4 Put out to pasture 
  • 5 Graffiti on the wall 
  • 6 Praying big prayers to a big God 
  • 7 A menagerie of monsters 
  • 8 Superpowers on a slippery slope 
  • 9 Back to the future 
  • 10 Angels in cosmic conflict 
  • 11 An uncivil war: north and south 
  • 12 Living well, dying well 


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