Harry and the Lost Sheep (NEW HARDBACK EDITION)

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Harry lives on a farm with his mother and father, his sister Susie and Toby the dog.
While helping his father to count the sheep they discover that one is missing.
They set out on a search for the lost sheep.
The hayshed and the cowshed are searched but no sheep. Their investigation leads them out across squelchy fields, bubbling
streams and through prickly hedges. Hearing sounds come from a thorn bush they find the lost sheep caught
in the thorns and totally helpless. Upon returning home with the sheep, Harry’s mother tells him about the Bible story of the lost sheep and of the love of the Lord Jesus for sinners.
This thrilling story is accompanied with full colour illustrations on each page by illustrator Mary Weatherup.
Suitable for ages 3 to 6 years.

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