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Warren Henderson

It has been said that "an ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband" and "a good husband makes a good wife." In God's design, woman was created to be a helper for man, and man to satisfy her needs, thus assisting her to fullfil her God-given role; biblical manhood advocates biblical womanhood. In the visible realm, few exhibitions of divine order can rival the loveliness of a wife settled in her calling and endeavoring to please her Creator through the pursuit of biblical womanhood, or the man who so identifies with Christ that his guidance and love for others, especially his wife and children, is selfless and tenacious. Such a man affirms God's design for manhood.

When will a Christian man find the most joy and satisfaction in life? When he lives out that which he was created for - this is God's authentic man. If married, he will pursue biblical companionship with his wife, shepherd his children, and satisfy his family's needs. Married or not, the fruit-laden bough represents a spiritually-minded man who serves others through wise leadership, humble service, and a selfless example. God reveals both what He finds admirable in a man and what He expects him to do to please Him. May each God-fearing man pursue his divine calling and be a fruitful bough(Gen. 49:22-24)

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