Cameos That Counted
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  • AUTHOR: A. J. Higgins

Cameos That Counted

A. J. Higgins
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There are characters in the Bible who make significant but relatively short cameo..
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There are characters in the Bible who make significant but relatively short cameo appearances and, without knowledge of them, we would be spiritually the poorer. Women like Anna, Elisabeth and Dorcas, or characters like Abel, Enoch, Rahab and Barak who are mentioned in Hebrews 11, are all used to help us learn from their experiences. In this volume, you will find characters taken from the Old and New Testaments who made short but important contributions to the Word of God, such as Barzillai, Enoch, Nathan and Mephibosheth. We can learn some great doctrines of Scripture (Justification, Redemption, Sanctification) from these characters, along with teaching on how we ought to behave. This interesting study will prove helpful and practical; it should stimulate the reader to meditate, and also to search the Scriptures for other examples from which to learn.


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