How to Find It in Your Bible

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Pamela McQuade

How do I find that in the Bible? This book gives you references for 1,001 key themes and topics— Both biblical and contemporary.   From Abiding, Ability, and Abomination through Youth, Zeal, and the Zodiac, How to Find It in Your Bible helps you track down relevant scriptures to answer the questions you have.  

Similar to a concordance but easier to use, How to Find It in Your Bible groups references both by specific words and by themes. It provides a well-rounded view of each topic, helping you see how the Bible addresses larger themes such as

  • Crime
  • Dating
  • the Deity of Christ
  • Feelings
  • Gambling
  • Justice
  • Prosperity
  • Singleness
  • and many others

Lavishly cross referenced and beautifully designed (including full-c

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