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This Christms gospel leaflet has been written with three relevant questions being considered:

  • Why the need for a Saviour? We need a Saviour to save us from the consequences of our sins
  • What did it cost Christ to become the Saviour? He exhanged the throne of the universe for an animal trough. The Creator became a Carpenter. He was crucified and suffered shame and agony. What a cost!
  • What does it cost to benefit from His Sacrifice?No good deeds, no religious duties. Only repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation. He has fully paid the price.

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Wording of Tract:

When the tree and the decorations are put away, the cards taken down and recycled, and the parties are all over, this question will still be hanging - how much did it cost? Expensive gifts; bigger than usual food bills; extra travelling expenses to visit the family; what did we spend on it all? Sometimes you feel like opting out, but giving it a miss doesn’t seem to be an option. John Grisham’s book, “Skipping Christmas”, is a very funny story about people who tried to do just that! Somehow we go along with it, and for many people, the Festive Season breaks the bank, ups the credit card payments, and leaves them with money worries - Christmas is expensive! 

This may be depressing you so let’s turn to something more positive. Have you ever  thought of what it cost God?

The event that we remember at Christmas was hugely costly to Him. He sent His Son “to be the Saviour of the world” (The Bible; 1 John 4.14). At the birth of Jesus, an angel announced to the shepherds, “unto you is born…a Saviour” (Luke 2.11).

•  Question: “Why the need for a Saviour?” 

•  Answer: The whole human race has rebelled against God. He has passed a guilty verdict on each of us: “all the world…guilty before God” (Romans 3.19). Because of our sin and guilt, we are condemned, and in danger of eternal judgment. God’s inflexible justice demanded that, and so we need a Saviour to rescue us from such a dreadful destiny. The Saviour’s death was a sacrifice for sins that has satisfied God’s justice and leaves Him free to offer us pardon and salvation. What a cost! 

•  Question:  “What  did  it  cost  Christ to become the Saviour?” 

•  Answer: He exchanged the throne of the universe for an animal trough, for He was “laid…in a manger” (Luke 2.7); what humiliation! The Creator became a carpenter; what condescension! The sinless Son of God was crucified; what shame and agony! That was the price that was paid for our salvation from sin and hell; that was the cost to Christ. 

There was no other good enough To pay the price of sin; He only could unlock the gate Of heaven, and let us in.                                  (Mrs C.F. Alexander)

•  Question: “What does it cost to benefit from His sacrifice?”

•  Answer: Salvation has been purchased by Christ’s death and God now offers it to you freely as a gift. He asks no contribution from you, no good deeds, no religious duties (Ephesians 2.8-9). He does insist that you repent (Acts 17.30) and believe on His Son, the risen Saviour; “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16.31). If you do He will save your soul for eternity and change your life in the here and now. The Bible says that salvation is “without money and without price” (Isaiah 55.1). Don’t treat the offer with suspicion because it is free. Remember what it cost to provide it.  This will be the most significant Christmas of your life if you receive Christ as your Saviour today.

Jack Hay

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