Hymns For Christian Worship & Service

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While believers are not dependent on  hymns in the spiritual exercises of remembrance, worship and service, nevertheless choice verses of hymns often confirm an enhance the thoughts of believers and prompt the mind further as enabled by the Holy Spirit.

Hymns for Christian Worship and Service was compiled and first published in Bristol in 1906 and consisted of 819 hymns. Its predecessors were Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Children of God and Hymns and Spiritual Songs compiled In Bristol.

This edition, published in 1998, uses the first 578 hymns plus another thirteen hymns, of the 1906 edition, to which have been added over eighty others to provide a new edition for the Lord’s people.

It is with prayerful exercise that this new edition is published with the desire that it will help believers to enrich their worship as they meet together to remember the Lord Jesus Christ in the breaking of bread and other services.

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