An Introduction To Bible Prophecy - PB

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Jack Hay

People have always been intrigued with the future. In Bible days, the trappings of the occult featured in Nebuchadnezzar's quest for guidance (Ezek 21.21), and soothsaying was alive and well in ancient Philippi (Acts 16.16)

That fascination has not diminished with the onset of a secular scientific age. The trend lives on, and today, horoscopes, ouija boards, seances and fortune telling all play a significant part in modern society.

Believers are satisfied that the only safe source of information about the future is the inspired Word Of God.

The goal of this booklet by Jack Hay is to provide an introduction to the subject of Bible prophecy. The approach will be elementary, keeping in mind the young believer or the new believer who may be exploring these truths for the first time. For many readers then, it will be merely a refresher course, a restatement of facts they have known for many years, but it is hoped that it will be helpful to "stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance" (2 Pet 3.1)

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