Israel's Broken Hearted Prophet - Hosea's Prophecy

Category: RP Biblical Study Prophecy
Malcolm C Davis

Hosea’s Prophecy is unique in Scripture, because it records how the Lord called one of His prophets to marry a woman whom He knew would prove to be unfaithful. The unhappy relationship which resulted was intended to illustrate very poignantly the Lord’s tragic relationship with His unfaithful people Israel. Hosea repeatedly condemned their persistent return to idolatry, immorality and injustice and predicted their severe punishment in the impending Assyrian invasion and exile of the Northern Kingdom in 722 BC. Malcolm Davis has aimed to explain the meaning of the book in everyday language. The commentary is intended to present a practical challenge and an encouragement to the reader as it points to restoration of fellowship with God.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Malcolm Davis, raised in a Christian home, first trusted Christ in June 1951, and was baptised in January 1956. Graduating from Oxford University in Classics and Hebrew, he worked as a librarian in Cambridge and Leeds University Libraries, where he catalogued many Hebrew Bible manuscripts, other Jewish books and manuscripts, and various archives. Since June 1980, he and his wife Ruth have been active members of Harehills Assembly, Leeds. He has written six published catalogues and eight other concise commentaries on books of Scripture, besides contributing many articles to several Christian magazines and collections of daily readings.

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