Jacob & Joseph - Ritchie Character Series
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  • AUTHOR: A J Higgins, M Cain

Jacob & Joseph - Ritchie Character Series

A J Higgins, M Cain
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The study of Bible characters often brings to bear on us challenging..
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The study of Bible characters often brings to bear on us challenging spiritual lessons that illustrate doctrine taught elsewhere in Scripture. Such studies home in on individual men and women who, despite living centuries ago, faced issues relevant to our own day.

The sixth book in the Ritchie Character Series covers the lives of Jacob and Joseph. There are many important lessons to be learned from the accounts of Jacob and Joseph and these practical books will be of help to those wishing to study and learn from these characters.

Jacob, patriarch, pilgrim, parent, Prince, and prophet: his life and history have been the theme of many sermons and books, his failures paraded before us as warnings of the “Jacob” in all of us. As we read his life we are reminded of the great principle of “sowing and reaping,” the inviolable law of God. Thankfully, there is the occasional message we are privileged to hear which shows the development in the character of a child of God through patient moulding by God, and his eventual triumphant end. As we listen with amazement to God declaring Himself “The mighty God of Jacob” (Ps 132:5), we bow in wonder and worship before a God of such amazing grace.

Most view the story of Joseph as the dominant feature of Genesis, but in reality, however, the life of Joseph is really intertwined with that of Jacob. But the story of Jacob attracts us all.

We identify with this patriarch more than with Abraham, Isaac, or Joseph. Abraham, the great man of faith, awes us; Isaac on the altar humbles us as we consider our own resistance at times to God; Joseph seems light years removed by the beauty of his character, but Jacob and his life resonate with each of us. The biographies of the great men of Scripture have not, however, been provided either to intimidate us or to urge us to imitation. We are given these lives as instruction and inspiration


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