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Category: Discipleship
N J Jeyanandam

Men in God’s Service is described on the title page as “a handbook for those who desire to serve God”.

The author considers “The Profile of a Servant of God” where Paul’s example is taken from Acts 20. His consistent life, contrite heart, courageous behaviour and committed life are commented upon.

Pithy sayings are utilised with a six page appendix devoted to them. With regards to the character of a servant of God, D.L. Moody is quoted, “Character is what you are in the dark”.

Those who preach are urged to “think orderly, speak thoughtfully, communicate clearly and feel deeply”. The preacher is urged to make his words “simple, searching, sweet and short”.

The book continues in this vibrant style with suitable poetry incorporated to press home pertinent points of practical challenge. There are profitable chapters on, “The Bible versus Religions”, “Digging for Treasures from the Word of God” and a section dealing with questions and objections that are often raised by those who are not Christians.

This book will prove to be of profit to those who have a desire to serve God.

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