Jonah and Balaam

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Two remarkable characters are brought together in this volume - Balaam the son of Beor, and Jonah the son of Amittai. They were somewhat alike in one deplorable particular, each was willing that a vast number of souls should be sacrificed for some advantage to himself. With Balaam it was money; with Jonah it was his reputation! Balaam was a downright emissary of Satan, masquerading as a prophet of Jehovah for the sake of gain; Jonah, on the contrary, was a true man at heart, but somewhat of an untrained colt, sorely needing to learn important lessons in the school of God. From both Balaam and Jonah we may learn much; from one the danger of trafficking in unfelt truth; and from the other, the importance of entering into the divine sympathies while engaged in work for God. If we do not feel towards men as God feels, how can we be efficient as witnesses for Him?
God grant that the words we utter with our lips may at all times come from our very hearts!

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