Joseph Exalted Through Trials

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Category: Biography
F B Meyer

What and incredible story! When we turn to the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis, we encounter one of the most unique men in all of Scripture. For the story of Joseph is the story of Calvary in miniature. In this book, F. B. Meyer sketches a biographical portrait of Joseph that is reminiscent of the story of our Savior, Jesus Christ. With a conscious intention of breaking down the artificial walls of time and prestige, Meyer introduces us to the real man behind the mystique. He portrays Joseph as completely human—with the temptations and frailty common to all of us. Meyer's portrait of Joseph shows us an ordinary man faced with a multitude of pressures and trials, any one of which could have caused him to give up hope and turn away from God. Yet Joseph had a solid foundation of knowing right from wrong, and he had developed a personal relationship with God that gave him the power to make the right choices. Joseph desired to be used of God, and therefore saw God's gracious provision and blessing through his life. After reading this book, you should have little doubt that God can use testing and trials to empower us. You will also discover that Joseph was an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life of faith and dependence on God for it is God who is the Source of greatness in Joseph and in each of us!

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