A new children's book suitable ages 7-11

Come with Sarah, James and their children, Rachel and Benjamin, back in time, as they travel round Galilee with Jesus. Share with them as they witness some of the many miracles Jesus performed. Visit the places Jesus went to and meet some of the people He helped. As you journey with Jesus and the children you can use your imagination to participate in the events happening in the stories.  By interacting with these stories through the questions that follow each story, children will be encouraged to express their feelings and talk about the story. I want to invite children into these true, Biblical stories about Jesus and so discover who Jesus is. Beautifully illustrated by award winning illustrator, Graeme Hewitson. 

Tricia Craib is married to Kenny and they have four grown up children and ten grandchildren. At the age of 60 Tricia felt God calling her to go to the International Christian College in Glasgow. After three years she gained a BA in Theology with Children’s Ministry. It was while she was studying at ICC that her vision developed to write Christian stories for hurting and disadvantaged children in third world countries. As part of her assignment she had to write four stories about feelings showing Jesus when He was sad, happy, angry and afraid. From these stories came A Journey with Jesus. 

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The author imagines the lives of some children who could have met Jesus and, along with their parents, become part of his band of helpers. She incorporates lots of little details of what everyday life was like 2,000 years ago. The children enjoy his friendship, witness his miracles and even his feelings, and come to understand why he came to live on earth as a person like you and me. Simply written, this book is truly accessible to children around the age of nine or ten.

Posted by Cora McDonald (not verified) - October 26, 2020

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