A Journey Through the Bible (Volume 1: Genesis - Esther)

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The first book in this new series is the result of a series of studies conducted in Lurgan Baptist Church on Tuesday evenings, which began in the autumn of 2013 and concluded in the winter of 2017. On this journey, Denis Lyle took one book of the Bible each night, and sought to give an overview of the whole book. This first volume considers Genesis to Esther. Your attention will be drawn to the necessary historical and chronologial background, as well as the typical and devotional applications. Informative and accurate biographical information about the authors and some of the main characters is presented. Prophetic subjects are examined as they arise, and evangelical truths are explained. The author does not gloss over important doctrinal teaching, but provides instruction on many of the major doctrines as they occur in each book. This series promises to be a useful addition to your library

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