The KJV Study Bible: Atlas Edition [Wildflower Bouquet Thumb Indexed]

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For the person who wants to know God’s Word, and see where it unfolded. Here is the popular King James Study Bible with bonus maps, just for you.   Now in its fifth century, the King James Version remains one of the most popular Bible translations available—and Barbour’s KJV Study Bible brings the venerable version into a twenty-first century context. Now it’s available in a special atlas edition just for you.   Features:

Complete Text of Beloved King James Version

Nearly 6,500 Explanatory Notes from the Layman’s Bible Commentary Series

Introductions to All 66 Books

Dictionary/Concordance for Key Terms

Words of Christ in Red

Thumb Indexing

56 Pages of Full-Color Maps, Including: 

The Holy Land Today

The Near East During the Time of the Patriarchs

The Exodus from Egypt

The Tribal Allotments of Israel

The Extent of David’s Kingdom

Exiles Return to Judea

The Greek Empires

The Prophets of Israel and Judah

Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee and Beyond

The Nations at Pentecost

Paul’s Missionary Journeys

The Churches of Revelation

and many more

8 Pages of Time Lines, Comparing Biblical and World Events

 This book is an excellent resource for personal study or Sunday school and small group preparation—whether you are already a fan of the KJV or you’ve been reading more modern Bible versions.

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