Land of my Heart

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Virginia A Rose

It is not often that you get to peek into someone else’s private correspondence. Well, here is your opportunity!

This book of letters, written over a period of 18 years, tells the story of a man and a woman who heard the call to spread the message of God’s love to Africa. These letters speak about a brave journey undertaken by two people from completely different backgrounds. They describe why they left the comfort of their homes to travel across the world to a continent that many think they know and understand, but in truth, only those who lived there do.

The letters relate how, by God’s plan, they end up on the same ship sailing at the same time to the same destination. They tell how they meet and fall in love, and find God showing them clearly they should be together.

These letters are real. They speak of lives that are real. The hardships are real. The dangers are real. But the blessings, protection and provision of the Lord are just as real.

If you are looking for living, breathing proof that God cares about and loves us, then you have picked up the right book. Immerse yourself in this story, and your vision of God and His ways will be greatly changed! Jon Emerton

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