Letters To A New Believer

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Category: Discipleship RP Christian Life

In Apirl 2007, as a result of reading the Bible over a number of years, a young man was led by the grace of God to place his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

These letters were written and posted for a week by week to provide him with a little encouragement during his first steps along the pathway of Christian obedience.

They are published now in the hope that they may be of benefit to a wider readership. Although some personal references have been removed, the original informality of the letters has been retained.

There are fifty-two letters in this volume, covering a wide variety of subjects relevant to the Christian life, including the following:

Assurance, The Three Tenses of Salvation, Baptism, Prayer, The Local Church, The Holy Spirit, Assembly Fellowship, Money Matters and Choosing a Life Partner.

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