Matt Maher - Alive and Breathing

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Category: Contemporary Music
Matt Maher

Following the success of his 2017 album, 'Echoes', Matt Maher returns this January with his new album, 'Alive & Breathing'. The album is a combination of studio versions of brand new songs, live versions of some of Maher's biggest hits ('Lord, I Need You', 'Because He Lives (Amen)'), as well as new live recordings of songs that Maher has written with other artists, but has not recorded himself ('Soul on Fire', 'Come As You Are'). The album also features a Spanish English version of Maher's platinum single, 'Lord, I Need You' featuring Blanca. Of the album Maher says, 'Over the course of the past 20 years of music, my two greatest joys in this area of my life are playing music live and writing songs with friends. That is why I gravitate so much to writing congregational church music - they're songs that are meant to be sung live and they're songs that come out of the gift of friendship. It's part of what inspired me to record the live songs on "Alive & Breathing".'

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