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Celtic Worship

Celtic Worship is a collective of some of Scotland’s most talented folk musicians who approach worship from a unique standpoint, blending traditional and contemporary Christian music with the sounds of their native roots. They have become established trailblazers in the Celtic Christian sphere; revisiting old hymns and writing new ecclesial music marked by the sound of their cultural and historical context. The band is composed of musicians from many different backgrounds and styles, including Steph Macleod, Mhairi Marwick, Scott Wood, Gus Stirrat, Naomi Stirrat, Ifedade Thomas and Chris Amer. After their 2019 debut album, Celtic Worship released “Morningtide” with Integrity Music in October 2021, garnering over 2.3 million views on YouTube with the new project alone. Celtic Worship has grown in the worship sphere far beyond their homeland, touring Scandinavia and reaching much of Europe with their rustic and complex musical style infused with the powerful sound of bagpipes, whistles, and fiddle.

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