Mosaic - God's Power

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Special Features:

Mosaic - God's Power contains lessons on:

  • Creation - Be astonished by the creativity and love of God
  • Jesus in Command - Discover the power of God shown in Jesus
  • Joshua - Be encouraged to know that God is with us
Category: Children’s Resources

Mosaic: God's Power features Bible-based sessions especially designed for small groups of children with a wide age range. It is ideal for children's workers in small rural churches, small urban churches and new church plants - or any church with small numbers of children, few leaders, and limited space or resources! This Mosaic resource book gives you:

  • ? 12 children's group session outlines
  • Activities suitable for 2- to 14-year-olds, all meeting together
  • All the photocopiable resources you need to run your sessions
  • Help and information for you, as you prepare to lead
  • A bonus all-age service for the whole church to enjoy together
  • Advice, tips and wisdom from expert practitioners

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