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Category: Trouble & Suffering

Where is God in the darkenss....of job loss? of bankruptcy? of divorce? of terminal illness? of rebellious child?

He is doing some of His best work...on the Night Shift!

Believers are not promised a painless, hassle-free walk in the park when they sign on for a life in Christ. Instead, for a variety of reasons known initially only to God, He assigns some to duty in the dark.

Based on Psalm 40:1-3, one of David's best-loved songs of praise, Night Shift examines the process by which God prepares His servants for more effective ministry. The author, himself seasoned on the night shift, explores seven stages of suffering - from "The Pit" to "The Impact"

You may find yourself in this book. If so, know that you are not alone in the dark. As a night shift survivor, you will be tested and made worthy to carry the message of God's grace and hope.

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