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4 page attractively presented tract expressing simply and clearly the gospel message relative to Christmas

Sold in packs of 100 (price of £5.00 is for a bundle of 100)

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4 page attractively presented tract expressing simply and clearly the gospel message relative to Christmas

Sold in packs of 100 (price of £5.00 is for a bundle of 100)

Wording inside:

Those are sad words, “No Room”.  The carpenter and his young wife had travelled some sixty miles through difficult country from Nazareth to Jerusalem and another five miles south to Bethlehem.  Mary’s Child was soon to be born and comfortable lodgings would have been so welcome, but Jerusalem and Bethlehem were crowded and in the Inn at which they had arrived there was No Room for them.  We are left to wonder who it was who actually said – “No Room”. Could it have been a boy?  Perhaps a little lad called from his play to carry the message to the couple from Galilee?  How carelessly and unfeelingly he might have quickly said, “No Room”. Could it have been a little girl?  She might have assessed Mary’s condition more readily than a boy and may well have said rather sadly, “Sorry, - No Room”. 

Could it have been an elderly lady?  Might she have felt compassion for the young woman soon to be delivered of her Child?  And might she have said sincerely, “I’m sorry, but there’s No Room”. Could it have been the busy Inn-Keeper himself? How he may have resented being called from his converse with other guests.  Would he have said bluntly and impatiently, “No Room”. But did it really matter who said “No Room”, or how they said it?  The sad fact was that there was No Room for the couple from Nazareth who were
carrying with them the promised Messiah and Saviour, and Mary’s Child was born outside. Somehow this seemed to set the pattern for the way in which men and women would treat the Son of God during His life and ministry.  Wherever He went it was ever the same story – “No Room”.

Thirty years after that morning in Bethlehem Jesus came to Nazareth to commence His ministry there. He came to the synagogue which He knew so well, and where they knew Him.  He read familiar Scriptures to them from Isaiah 61 and applied them to Himself, and to them.  In their pride they rose up against Him.  They thrust Him out of the synagogue and to the edge of the town and would have cast Him over the brow of the hill had He not quietly passed through the midst of them and went His way.  It was as if Nazareth had said, “No Room”. After that He made His home in Capernaum, but they rejected Him there. At last they took Him outside the walls of Jerusalem and nailed Him to a cross. The great City had joined with the others and said, “No Room”.

At Calvary the Saviour died as an offering for the sins of others. Many millions of men and women have since recognised that in the death of Christ, the great sacrifice for sins, there is the promise and the assurance of the forgiveness of sins on the ground of repentance and faith.  So many have received Him as Saviour and acknowledged Him as Lord of their lives.  They have believed the good news of the Gospel that He came to Bethlehem that He might go to Calvary and offer Himself as a sinless Substitute for guilty men.

But how tragic that many still say, “No Room”. Many there are who close Him out of their lives and hearts and the question must be asked, “Does it really matter how I reject Him?”  Is it not a fact that whether I may close Him out carelessly or indifferently, sadly or sympathetically, hurriedly or impatiently, the end result is just the same – No Room? 

Surely we must take time to ask ourselves, “Have I made room in my life for Christ?”  And if my eternal destiny and well-being are dependent upon what I do with Him should I not seriously determine to make room and receive Him?

No room for the Saviour in Bethlehem’s Inn, Only a cattle shed. No room in this world for the dear Son of God, Nowhere to lay His head. Only a cross did they give to our Lord, Only a borrowed tomb. Today He is seeking a place in your heart, Will you still say to Him – No Room?
          Jim Flanigan


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