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The Christian film of 2012, ‘October Baby’ is a love story inter-woven with a compelling message about the sanctity of life and the truth that everyone is beautiful in God's eyes. 

'October Baby' tells how, following a sudden health trauma, first year college student Hannah discovers she is not only adopted, but that her birth-mother attempted to abort her. Hannah is one of hundreds of abortion survivors. Filled with mixed emotions, Hannah embarks on a journey with her college friends to unravel her hidden past and find hope for her future. Her travels to self-discovery are rocky and uncertain, but ever so important to uncover the truth.

From the famous verse in Psalm 139: “You saw me before I was born...” and truth that some hundreds of attempted terminations result in a live birth, the film makers have created a moving story that is part self discovery, part road trip movie, part redemption story.

If there is one film you and your family should watch, it’s ‘October Baby’. The story is captivating and the message is heart-breaking but also heart-affirming.


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