Pen Portraits In Proverbs

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John Scarsbrook

Though Proverbs may be nearly 3000 years old, the Spirit-inspired material it contains is timeless and this is what this little book unfolds. Every believer will benefit from reading about ‘the wise man and his companions’, or, equally, the powerful lessons on the talebearer. We may smile at the antics of the sluggard, chapter 5, but there is plenty to challenge all of our hearts.

Although there is much of a timely and practical nature about this book, how can we read of the wise man, the righteous, or the friend without thinking of the Lord or aspects of His ministry? Thus, the devotional teaching on these and the neighbour, the rich and poor will warm your heart.

This is a book that will not only open Proverbs to you but will also encourage you to read on!

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