Peter - Ritchie Character Study Series
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Peter - Ritchie Character Study Series

J Dennison
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In this book, the author sets out to review Peterʼs life thematically...
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Of the over 3,200 characters in the Bible, Simon Peter surely ranks as one of the most relatable. Perhaps he is most famous for his personality defects and his frequent failures–a true Elijah-like man “subject to like passions as we are” (James5:17). And yet, the more we read his Biblical biography, the more we want to be like him.Without question, the NewTestament Christians held Peter in high esteem because they had witnessed in real time the Lord transforming him into a solid believer and a significant leader. Undoubtedly, as you follow his story, you too will come to appreciate how Peter excelled in his knowledge of Scripture, his leadership, his preaching, his miracles, his boldness, and his love for Christ.

In this book, the author sets out to review Peterʼs life thematically with three main objectives; to cover the main events in his life and as many details as possible, to learn practical lessons from Peterʼs actions, words, character, and accomplishments, and to appreciate something of Peterʼs Lord and Saviour whom he loved profoundly.

This practical study should challenge us to be more like him in his love for Scripture, his passion for thegospel, his consistency in prayer, his Christlike character and even his handling of failure.


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