Precious Seed Magazine Volume 5 1952-1953

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The first edition came out in September 1945 shortly after the end of World War II. It resulted from the exercise of a number of brethren in South-West England who were burdened to meet the need among assemblies in the UK for a consistent ministry of the word through a well-balanced and Christ-centred magazine. Its stated purpose was that, on a monthly basis, articles of an evangelistic, expository and informative nature should be freely available to all. While the aim to publish monthly was never realized, the other three objectives most certainly were. Even today the magazine is characterized by these qualities: evangelistic; expository; informative.

This book, Volume 5 of the magazine, covers the years 1952-53. With expositional material, such as that on the Pastoral Epistles, together with practical and devotional articles, there is the same eclectic mix of papers that will be a blessing to the reader.

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