This Is For Real by George Bates - 9781872734460
Do you yearn for reality? A peace that is true? Is it getting to you? Are you fed up with sham?
If you are, then you're not the first, or the only one. George Bates was like that. He tried everything. To find real joy. And truth. And peace. And satisfaction in life.
He struggled with it. Coming close to suicide on a number of occasions....
"The oppression continued for twenty four hours of every day. No peace ever. Nothing but worry, anxiety, guilt, regrets, fears. He longed for death. In desperation, one miserable night, he sought it..."
But God spared his life. And he found the peace and satisfaction that he had been craving for. The reality and quality of life that he had been searching for. Not in drugs. Nor in drink. Nor in hypnosis. But in Christ.
"Joy and peace flodded into his soul. A joy and peace that he had never known before almost overwhelmed him."
Since those early days, God has led George Bates, through a series of events, each one more miraculous than the one before, into the work of an evangelist.
Now his ministry and testimony are blessed in many countries of the world.
Yet he often says himself, "This isn't the George Bates story. It's the Jesus Christ story."
And it's true.

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